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CNC-HBM Series

CNC Horizontal
Boring Machine

CNC HBM 2000

Heavy Duty Series

The Horizontal Boring Mill Provides a Small foot print,large work envelope,and is heavier and more rigid than competitive boring mills in its class.The HBM X 2000 is quipped with a 2-speed geared spindle head and hardened box ways.The HBM 2000 delivers a superior package that includes features you need for typical applications instead of requiring you to add them as options.


X, Y, Z, W Axis Travel 2000 x 2000 x 1200 x 500 mm
Table Size 1250 x 1250 mm
Max Weight on Table 7000 Kg
Spindle Motor Power 40 kw
Max Spindle Speed 10-2200 RPM ( two stages)
Max Spindle Motor Torque 2000 Nm
Number of Tools Standard 60 (90 opt)
Tool Type CAT 50
Boring Bar Diameter 120 mm (upto 160 mm)
Max Tool Diameter 120 mm With adjacent sides empty: 250 mm
Max Programmable Feedrate X,Y,Z,W Axis X,Y,Z: 5 m/min W: 4m/min
Rapid Traverse X,Y,Z,W Axis X,Y,Z: 7 m/min W: 4m/min
Required Floor Space 5600 x 5400 mm
Machine Weight 20000 kg